Do you know Elvis songs? How about these?

To so many when they think about Elvis they have their own favorite list of Elvis Presley songs. Some were from the 1950’s when they saw Elvis on TV or the movies. Some were Gospel songs which were dear, and near, to Elvis heart all his life. Some were related to soundtracks of his movies in the 1960’s with an emphasis on his 1968 Singer TV special entitled “Elvis”. Others think about Elvis’ return to live appearances, after (approximately) nine years, in 1969 followed by a string of hits in the beginning to mid 1970’s. Just like we are all unique, with our own life lessons and memories, depending on the day we chose different songs, including Elvis’, and we enjoy the beat – the vocal inflections – the arrangements – musicians among the best in the world, and the backup singers who helped to breathe life into Elvis’ songs onstage and off.

If you go to among the rare, and unique, content you will find a list of every song Elvis recorded/sang along with other pertinent facts. But among the lesser known songs there are plenty of gems hence this post.

* Note each of these songs were recorded in the 1960’s. All videos courtesy of YouTube.



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Elvis Collector Worldwide Fan Club officially recognized by EPE/Graceland October 2015

We are so pleased to announce that Elvis Collector Worldwide Fan Club, our affiliated international fan club, has been officially recognized by Elvis Presley Enterprise/Graceland as an “official Elvis Presley Fan Club”!

This honor allow us to (including but not limited to); hold fan club events, meetings, or other functions not only in our area but around the world.

Elvis Presley Enterprises/Graceland formally acknowledged our fan club with the hopes that we are able to spread the life, legacy, and music of Elvis Presley and the positive effects he has had on each individual. We will make these hopes an everyday reality as we have for (approximately) six decades now.

THANK YOU to Elvis Presley Enterprises and to Graceland.

Jeff Schrembs

Jeff Schrembs shares 10 of his favorite Elvis Presley songs

Being limited (self implemented) to choosing only (10) ten favorite Elvis Presley songs is subject to; moods, memories, and mentality.

In no specific order they are:


Portrait of my love

How the web was woven

You’re so square…baby I don’t care

Always on my mind

500 miles

Suspicious minds

I was the one (rehearsal version circa 1970)

Earth angel (YES Elvis sang this song)

Peace in the valley

If everyday was like Christmas


By the way if you haven’t heard some of these songs please visit my YouTube page and…enjoy.  The direct link is:


Alanna Nash talks about newly found teenage Elvis photograph

Disclaimer:  I am a diehard Alanna Nash fan based upon (including but not limited to); her talents as an author, her consistently excellent works, her insightful revelations, her (truly) being “one of a kind”, her exceptional books about Elvis Presley (and others which I encourage everyone to obtain for they are, individually and collectively, treasures) , and her sharing her passions. I am blessed to count her as a dear friend and I cherish our relationship not only about Elvis but other aspects as well.

With that said here is the direct link to the Vanity Fair article:

And here is the direct link to comments by Alanna Nash:

And here is the Amazon link for the works of Alanna Nash:

Note: There is NO doubt that this is Elvis as a teenager. I have my own thoughts about this photograph which I, as I do 99.9% of the time, but I am appreciative of the article and the comments by Alanna Nash


Elvis Presley had autoimmune disease? (by Jeff Schrembs)

Having researched, read, collected, etc. voluminous documents pertaining to Elvis Presley here is a summary of the injuries, and/or illnesses, that Elvis Presley had.


Per the medical findings of Doctor Forest Tennant, MD PhD he surmises the following:

Autopsy Summary 20

A retrospective analysis of Elvis had an autoimmune disease. 

Specifically Elvis had hypothalamic-pituitary dysfunction. This condition causes brain tissue to be jarred loose, and leak into the general circulation through the blood-brain barrier. Brain tissue is not supposed to enter the blood circulation because it is toxic or antigenic to the rest of the body. If this truly occurs, and this doctor believes it does {after examining Elvis’ medical records and speaking to multiple sources including Elvis’ treating Physicians, it acts like an infectious agent or vaccine in that it causes antibodies to form. These antibodies then become “auto” and start attacking normal tissue. It’s even possible these abnormal antibodies attack and further damage the brain.

Autoantibodies attack in a random fashion. One day they attack the joints and the next the eye, heart, or liver. Presley clearly suffered multi-organ attacks based on his clinical history, and they varied over time in typical autoimmune fashion.

One of the problems with autoimmunity is that it produces inflammation and lowers one’s resistance to infections. Inflammation of the arteries in the heart (coronary) and brain (cerebral) are now known to be an end result of inflammation. Presley had hypertension and arteriosclerosis independent of his autoimmune disease, but his autoimmune disorder undoubtedly accelerated the inflammatory process. It is noteworthy that Elvis could not do his usual gyrations on stage in the last couple years of his life as a result of rigidity and spasticity. At times, he even had to use a cane to walk. Pain develops in joints and muscles with TBI.21 It is likely that some of Presley’s random-appearing drug use was an attempt to treat himself.

Having been diagnosed with my own autoimmune disease (i.e. Primary Immune Deficiency Disease) there is no doubt that the symptoms are consistent with those, whole and/or in part, that Elvis suffered from.

Yet another interesting piece of the “Elvis Presley puzzle”.

Take care and may God bless you.

Jeff Schrembs 2013 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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