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Elvis Presley auction August 2019

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Courtesy of http://www.Graceland.com comes this news:

Graceland Auctions is Pleased to Announce Upcoming Elvis Presley Auctions
Elvis Presley Artifacts Auction – At The Guest House at Graceland
The upcoming auction event is part of the annual Elvis week tributes and is scheduled for Tuesday, August 13th in The Guest House theater. Don’t miss out on this special event.
Auction Date: August 13, 2019
Consignment Deadline (Date by which artifacts must be received): May 1, 2019
Artifact Authentication
If you are interested in having your artifact authenticated by Graceland Authenticated, please visit http://www.gracelandauthenticated.com.

Elvis Presley auction Graceland May 1 2019

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From http://www.Graceland.com comes the news of another cool auction.

The direct link, with photos, are https://www.graceland.com/graceland-auctions

And if you don’t checkout the link here is the info

Graceland Auctions
Auction after auction, record prices are being set by Graceland Auctions for Elvis Presley personally owned and worn clothing, stage and screen worn clothing, gifted jewelry and accessories, acetates, RCA Awards, personal artifacts and autographs and this January 8th Auction at Graceland was no exception!
Through our partnership with Graceland Authenticated, our auctions maintain an unprecedented level of credibility enabling us to provide the industry with the highest level of artifact authenticity. Our unwavering dedication provides access to an auction marketplace, driven by the trust of our bidders, that produces the highest prices realized, time and again. Consignors experience a level of personal service and maximized returns they simply can’t achieve elsewhere.
Fans and collectors came together this January to celebrate the birthday of Elvis by raising their paddles to bid on an amazing array of over 230 artifacts in the auction making the tenth Auction at Graceland an overwhelming success!

Graceland Auctions was also honored to offer a selection of “Experiences at Graceland” that will benefit the Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation.
In addition to the fortunate bidders of these special, on-of-a-kind Graceland adventures, dozens of lucky bidders were successful in collecting treasured pieces of Elvis history in order to preserve the legacy of the king for years to come.
Among the 233 items offered in the January 8 auction, auction highlights include:
Custom made Red Velvet Shirt Likely Worn on Stage for the 1956 Evening Show of Elvis’ famous September 1956 Show in Tupelo, Mississippi, Sold for $37,500

Elvis Presley Owned and Stage Worn Gold Ring Gifted to Vernon Presley After a Concert, Sold for $30,000
Elvis owned Diamond and Gold Ring that he gave to J.D. Sumner, Sold for $22,500
Elvis Presley Owned and Stage Used ElectroVoice Microphone, Sold for $17,500
Elvis’ Turquoise and Silver Ring, Sold for $11,875
1956 “Love Me Tender” Theater Lobby Standee, a Rare Movie Artifact, Sold for $11,250
Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Royal Blue Winter Ski Jacket, Sold for $10,625
A Pair of 1955 Color Slides of Elvis Performing in Austin, Texas for the Louisiana Hayride Tour, Sold for $10,000

Every wonder what Elvis was doing on October 9th?

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Elvis – October 9th through the years


This show is the first one of the tour with Johnny Cash,
Wanda Jackson and Porter Wagner in “Cherry Springs Dance Hall”
Cherry Spring, Texas.


Elvis paid his dentist $150 for plastic inserts for his upper anterior


At home for the first time in 7 months Elvis purchased a 1966 Olds
Toronado and 3 days later he bought a 1966 Electric Glide
Harley-Davidson for $1,941.25 from Taylor Harley Davidson Sales.
He liked to ride on his new bike around Graceland grounds.


Principal photography on Stay Away Joe began.


Elvis bought a black 1971 Stutz Blackhawk from Jules Meyers Pontiac
in Los Angeles and turned it over to George Barris for customizing.
According to Barris, the car, first of its kind in Los Angeles,
was meant to be for Frank Sinatra, but Elvis managed to talk Meyers
into selling the car to him


Elvis was in Los Angeles, where the divorce was finalized at
the County Superior Courthouse in Santa Monica.
The custody of Lisa – Marie was shared and gave Priscilla a
cash payment of $725,000. She would get $4,200 each month for
spousal support for a year, plus $6,000 a month for 10 years,
plus $4,000 a month in child support.
As for the sale of the Hillcrest house she would get half.
After a short hearing, only 20 minutes, Elvis and Priscilla
came out of the court walking hand in hand.


Elvis performed at the Expo Center, Abilene, Kansas at 8:30 p.m.
The crowd was 8604 and Elvis wore “Blue Swirl” suit with original belt.
After this show Elvis flew to Lake Tahoe. The 15th day tour left
Elvis and the Colonel with $960,000 to divide.


Milo High, the personal pilot of Elvis, flew his boss and 8 others
to Dallas and back.

Elvis Presley auction & upcoming events 1/2/2018 edition

Courtesy of Graceland comes the January 6 2018 auction – here is the link: http://auction.graceland.com/catalog.aspx



Join us January 5-8, 2018, for the Elvis Birthday Celebration!

The 2018 Elvis Birthday Celebration will feature special events and guests, as well as the annual Elvis Birthday Proclamation Ceremony.

Click here to learn more about the Elvis Birthday Celebration.


Our prayers to the family/loved ones of Red West

In the life of Elvis Presley there is one person whose story, dating back to Elvis’ high school days in Humes High School in Memphis, about Red West entering a bathroom and finding Elvis against a wall and some students threatening to cut Elvis’ hair and then Red West said, and he was known as a tough guy and a football player, the infamous words of “if you cut his hair then you are going to have to cut mine and that will be a different story”. It is important to know that this was way before Elvis was known outside of his family but his style of dress, and his long hair, stood out. Needless to say, the boys left and Elvis thanked Red and the two became friends over three decades.

It is with a great, and eternal, sadness that we learned that Red West died on July 18, 2017 after suffering an aortic aneurysm at the Baptist Hospital in Memphis. He was 81 years old. His death occurred less than two months after the death of his cousin Sonny West whose friendship with Elvis mirrored Red’s as Sonny worked with, and was a close friend of, Elvis for three decades also.

While we strive to make this blog, along with our other blogs and our primary international award winning Elvis Presley website of http://www.ElvisCollector.info that is designated by Graceland as an Official Elvis Presley Fan Club, informative and “light” we also put a premium on facts and sadly it is a fact that Red West died.

Our hearts, prayers, and thoughts will remain with those who were related to, loved by, friends of, worked with, etc. Red West. I can’t help but pause, in sadness as I am writing this, to reflect that in the past months (i.e. in 2017) three of Elvis’ beloved friends have died being Red West, Sonny West, and Marty Lacker. The same sentiment, and prayers, go out to all of their families/loved ones as well.


We hope our next post, and others to follow, will not be of sadness.

I want to thank the (literally) thousands of visitors to the combination of this blog, http://www.ElvisCollector.info, other blogs, http://www.ElvisCollectorWorldwidefreeforums.org (100% free Elvis Presley forum in beta testing phase but we invite you to join and enjoy), emails, letters, cards, etc. pertaining to my battle with cancer these seven years. I have always said that Elvis fans are the most loyal, informed, passionate, etc. and over these past six decades I continue to see, and hear, so many kind words/posts/etc.

Lastly, I have never (nor do I plan to) monetized my relationship, collections, knowledge, friendships, etc. pertaining to Elvis. This is also true to those who are related to Elvis, worked with Elvis, close friends with Elvis, wrote about Elvis, etc.. Though for all intents and purposes I am, and have been for approximately six decades, an expert about the life of Elvis Presley onstage and off my knowledge pales when it comes to others who knew Elvis throughout his life and (thankfully) have shared their memories, photographs, audio files, recordings, firsthand accounts, videos, etc.

Take care and may God bless you and yours throughout your lives.


Jeff Schrembs


ME May 2017

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Do you know Elvis songs? How about these?

To so many when they think about Elvis they have their own favorite list of Elvis Presley songs. Some were from the 1950’s when they saw Elvis on TV or the movies. Some were Gospel songs which were dear, and near, to Elvis heart all his life. Some were related to soundtracks of his movies in the 1960’s with an emphasis on his 1968 Singer TV special entitled “Elvis”. Others think about Elvis’ return to live appearances, after (approximately) nine years, in 1969 followed by a string of hits in the beginning to mid 1970’s. Just like we are all unique, with our own life lessons and memories, depending on the day we chose different songs, including Elvis’, and we enjoy the beat – the vocal inflections – the arrangements – musicians among the best in the world, and the backup singers who helped to breathe life into Elvis’ songs onstage and off.

If you go to http://www.ElvisCollector.info among the rare, and unique, content you will find a list of every song Elvis recorded/sang along with other pertinent facts. But among the lesser known songs there are plenty of gems hence this post.

* Note each of these songs were recorded in the 1960’s. All videos courtesy of YouTube.



Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoyed this post. Please feel free to share this post, our other blogs, http://www.ElvisCollector.info, http://www.ElvisCollectorWorldwide.freeforums.org, and/or Elvis Collector Worldwide Fan Club.

Take care and may God bless you and yours…always.

Elvis Collector Worldwide Fan Club officially recognized by EPE/Graceland October 2015

We are so pleased to announce that Elvis Collector Worldwide Fan Club, our affiliated international fan club, has been officially recognized by Elvis Presley Enterprise/Graceland as an “official Elvis Presley Fan Club”!

This honor allow us to (including but not limited to); hold fan club events, meetings, or other functions not only in our area but around the world.

Elvis Presley Enterprises/Graceland formally acknowledged our fan club with the hopes that we are able to spread the life, legacy, and music of Elvis Presley and the positive effects he has had on each individual. We will make these hopes an everyday reality as we have for (approximately) six decades now.

THANK YOU to Elvis Presley Enterprises and to Graceland.

Jeff Schrembs

Upcoming Graceland auction set for Elvis week August 2015

Graceland Auctions has announced that its third auction of rare and authentic Elvis Presley artifacts and memorabilia will be held during Elvis Week 2015, featuring an impressive 174 lots, making it the largest and most comprehensive auction yet held on the grounds of Graceland. The Auction at Graceland will take place in the Graceland Archives Studio on Thursday, August 13, 2015, at 8:00 p.m. EDT/7:00 p.m. CDT. On-line bidding will begin on July 27, 2015 at GracelandAuctions.com. Click here to register to participate in the auction.

Elvis touched the hearts and lives of fans across the globe, and our goal for the Elvis Week 2015 Auction at Graceland was to include artifacts from across the spectrum of collecting, including items owned by Elvis, gifted by Elvis, written by Elvis, used by Elvis and created to promote the king and his career.  Whether you are looking for a stage-worn jumpsuit or a piece of 1950’s merchandising, a historical document or a rare test pressing, a TCB necklace or a movie artifact, this auction has something for you.

Some of the highlights include: 

  • Elvis Presley Light Blue “Starburst” Jumpsuit worn during 1973 at the Las Vegas Hilton and other concerts (Estimated $100,000-150,000)
  • Elvis Presley “Viva Las Vegas” Jacket worn in dance scene with Ann-Margret (Estimated $30,000-50,000)
  • Million Dollar Quartet Signed Guitar with Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis signatures (Estimated $20,000-30,000)
  • “TCB” Diamond and Gold Necklace gifted to Sammy Davis Jr. by Elvis Presley (Estimated $20,000-30,000)
  • 1956 Elvis Presley Double-Signed Transfer Agreement moving 15 Songs to Gladys Music (Estimated $20,000-30,000)
  • Elvis Presley Owned and Worn Gold Owl-Shaped Ring gifted to a fan from the stage (Estimated $15,000-20,000)
  • 1969 Elvis Presley Handwritten Signed Letter to Gary Pepper discussing the inaugural show at the International Hotel (Estimated $10,000-15,000)
  • Elvis Presley Signed Shirt from his personal wardrobe provided as the Grand Prize in a 1973 Boy Scout raffle (Estimated $8,000-12,000)
  • 1968 Elvis Presley Film-Worn Jacket from “Live a Little, Love a Little” (Estimated $7,000-10,000)
  • 1957 Elvis Presley Enterprises Elvis Presley Doll in rare original box (Estimated $7,000-10,000)
  • 1971 Elvis Presley Signed Martial Arts Card with fingerprints (Estimated $5,000-7,500)
  • Elvis Presley’s Personal Walther Model PPK/S 9mm Kurz Handgun ornately engraved “Elvis” and “TCB (Estimated $100,000–125,000)

Each and every lot in this auction has been thoroughly researched and certified by Graceland Authenticated, the authority in Elvis and pop culture authentication. Graceland Authenticated provides bidders with the peace of mind that the artifact they are buying is what it claims to be. Every lot in this auction is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from Graceland Authenticated, so you can bid with confidence.

Information You Need to Know

  • Live Auction at Graceland Archives Studio
  • Thursday, August 13, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. Central Time, 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time
  • Register for The Auction at Graceland Online Anytime
  • Online Bidding Begins July 27, 2015 at GracelandAuctions.com

Exhibition Viewing

  • Artifacts can be viewed at The Elvis Presley Automobile Museum from July 21 – August 13, 2015, between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time (Special ticket is required for admission if not taking the tour.)
  • A selection of highlights are currently on view at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

Live Event Ticket Purchase and Paddle Pick-Up

  • Admission to the Live Auction event is by ticket only.
  • Available at the Graceland Ticket Pavilion on Thursday, August 13, 2015 between 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Central Time
  • You must be registered to reserve a paddle to bid in the live event.
  • Once registered, please email auctioninfo@graceland.com to reserve a paddle.
For further information, email auctioninfo@graceland.com.

Elvis Presley’s personal record collection circa April 1960 stack 1 and stack 2

Partial catalog of Elvis Presley’s record album collection April 1960 stacks 1 & 2

The chirping crickets (aka Buddy Holly and the Crickets)

You’ll never walk alone – Roy Hamilton

Johnny Cash with his hot and blue guitar

Dream of you – Helen Merrill

Ray Charles

Songs of faith – Aretha Franklin

Mario! Lanza At his best

Rock and roll – Fats Domino

Here’s Little Richard

Sam Cooke

Dedicated to you – The 5 Royales

The vagabond king – Mario Lanza

And god created woman Bridgette Bardo

The Platters

Soulville – Ben Webster

The call of the wildest – Louis Prima

Alone at last – Tony Bennett

The great Ray Charles

In a modern mood – Cole Porter

After school sessions – Chuck Berry

Lady sings the blues – Billie Holiday

Dance Albums – Carl Perkins

The Coasters

The wildest – Louis Prima

Rock around the clock – Bill Haley & the comets

Hank Williams Honk-Tonkin

This is Fats Domino

Rambling man – Hank Williams

Coltrane – John Coltrane

Check Atkins in three dimensions



Elvis Presley’s planes are coming home to Graceland

Elvis Presley’s planes, the Lisa Marie and the Hound Dog II, to be moved from Graceland (from the AP)

Two airplanes once owned by Elvis Presley, the Lisa Marie and the Hound Dog II, could be moved from Graceland to a location down the street under a plan approved Thursday by a county board.

The Shelby County Land Use Control Board approved a proposal from the planes’ current owners, OKC Partnership, to place the aircraft on a lot just steps from the Graceland property.

The planes have been situated at Graceland since the mid-1980s, and they are a popular tourist draw. They had been sold after Presley’s death and were eventually purchased by OKC Partnership in Memphis.

OKC Partnership and Graceland agreed to bring the planes to the singer’s home. Their agreement called for OKC Partnership to receive a cut of ticket sales in return for keeping the planes there.

In an April 7, 2014, letter to OKC Partnership, Elvis Presley Enterprises said the company was exercising its option to end the agreement and asked OKC “to make arrangements for the removal of the airplanes and the restoration of the site on or shortly after April 26, 2015.”

The Memphis City Council must approve the plan. If they are moved to the new location, the planes would be part of an outdoor display and museum for tourists to visit.

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