Elvis Presley had autoimmune disease? (by Jeff Schrembs)

Having researched, read, collected, etc. voluminous documents pertaining to Elvis Presley here is a summary of the injuries, and/or illnesses, that Elvis Presley had.


Per the medical findings of Doctor Forest Tennant, MD PhD he surmises the following:

Autopsy Summary 20

A retrospective analysis of Elvis had an autoimmune disease. 

Specifically Elvis had hypothalamic-pituitary dysfunction. This condition causes brain tissue to be jarred loose, and leak into the general circulation through the blood-brain barrier. Brain tissue is not supposed to enter the blood circulation because it is toxic or antigenic to the rest of the body. If this truly occurs, and this doctor believes it does {after examining Elvis’ medical records and speaking to multiple sources including Elvis’ treating Physicians, it acts like an infectious agent or vaccine in that it causes antibodies to form. These antibodies then become “auto” and start attacking normal tissue. It’s even possible these abnormal antibodies attack and further damage the brain.

Autoantibodies attack in a random fashion. One day they attack the joints and the next the eye, heart, or liver. Presley clearly suffered multi-organ attacks based on his clinical history, and they varied over time in typical autoimmune fashion.

One of the problems with autoimmunity is that it produces inflammation and lowers one’s resistance to infections. Inflammation of the arteries in the heart (coronary) and brain (cerebral) are now known to be an end result of inflammation. Presley had hypertension and arteriosclerosis independent of his autoimmune disease, but his autoimmune disorder undoubtedly accelerated the inflammatory process. It is noteworthy that Elvis could not do his usual gyrations on stage in the last couple years of his life as a result of rigidity and spasticity. At times, he even had to use a cane to walk. Pain develops in joints and muscles with TBI.21 It is likely that some of Presley’s random-appearing drug use was an attempt to treat himself.

Having been diagnosed with my own autoimmune disease (i.e. Primary Immune Deficiency Disease) there is no doubt that the symptoms are consistent with those, whole and/or in part, that Elvis suffered from.

Yet another interesting piece of the “Elvis Presley puzzle”.

Take care and may God bless you.

Jeff Schrembs 2013 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED





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