Guide to collecting Elvis Presley memorabila (by Jeff Schrembs)

Elvis Presley was the greatest entertainer who ever lived. Elvis’ music has been purchased by the millions since 1955 through 1977. Elvis appeared in 32 movies, all of which made money, and no other actor has achieved that (i.e. every movie they acted in made money as even good movies lose money).


Elvis’ TV appearances beginning in the 1950’s, two in the 1960’s (i.e. Elvis Welcome Back with Frank Sinatra) and the 1968 Comeback Special, and one in the 1970’s “Aloha From Hawaii” not only made history but a greater percentage of people watched the programs during the time that Elvis was on then had ever done so before.


Basically Elvis had “higher percentage, or higher share, of the viewing market than any other performer when Elvis appeared on TV. The 1973 “Aloha from Hawaii Special” was the first live concert to be seen AROUND THE WORLD via Satellite. That Concert alone was watched by OVER 1 Billion people. From 1969 through 1977 Elvis averaged 105 shows per year and never played to an “empty seat” as all of his concerts were SOLD OUT (another accomplishment that no other entertainer has come close to reaching).


Needless to say, there remains a demand for “anything/everything” related to Elvis Presley and in this segment we will talk about what to look for concerning Elvis Presley Autographs from the 1950’s through the 1970’s.


Here are some basic RULES TO GO BY:

There are countless Elvis Presley items available for anyone’s budget but many times a person makes a “knee jerk reaction”, and pays way too much for something they didn’t really want but because of circumstances got themselves into this situation. Using these “tried and true rules will save you a lot of time, a lot of “drama free enjoyment, and “a lot of fun”.


RULE # 1)     Establish your monetary budget and stick to it every time.

Whenever “thinking about buying an Elvis Presley autograph” please know what your monetary means are (i.e. $15.00, $ 5,000.00, etc.) and what your “priority list” is. An example would be:


My budget for any one item is not to exceed: $ 85.00

My total budget, for every item purchased, is not to exceed $ 215.00


RULE # 2)     Establish a “priority of items (i.e. dates, places, etc.)


My priority list is”

A concert signed program from the late 1960’s

Any Las Vegas memorabilia signed from 1969 through 1973

Elvis’ signature from the movie Love Me Tender

Photo still from Jailhouse Rock signed by Elvis


** Worth noting is WHAT ARE YOU going to do with the item? Because it your intent is to keep it in your wallet/purse it would be a shame to buy an 8×10 because it would be too big to keep there and folding it may damage the item itself.

RULE # 3)     Get the history on the autograph, including the complete background, and the owners name and how they got the autograph. No question, concerning an Elvis Presley autograph, is a “dumb question” because you are just gathering information (which you should) so that you feel comfortable with your purchase.

Examples of the questions asked above could be responded to like this: history – my mother went to see Elvis in Memphis in 1974 and we went up to the stage and asked him for a signature.

Worth noting is that sometimes there are SUPPORTING PHOTOGRAPHS that show the item


Always beware of autographs signed with gold or silver paint “felt” pens as these pens did not go on sale until after Elvis’ death. Whenever considering buying an Elvis autograph, please insist on the history and background of how the owner came by the autograph. When – Where – How? Always ask if Elvis signed the item in person. It is a well-known fact that during the 1970’s many fans gave the members of the Memphis Mafia items to be signed at Elvis concerts or at the Graceland Gates.  These minders have since admitted that they could fake Elvis signature and signed most of the items themselves. The history holds true for fans that sent requests for autographs by mail to Graceland. Elvis’ secretaries admit openly that they could forge Elvis signature and did on many occasions.

May God bless you all.

Jeff Schrembs’2013 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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