Top grossing Elvis Presley movies

1956 bending down kiss young child


Based on the Box Office Report database, the top grossing Elvis Presley movies based on the yearly Top 20 box office rankings were:

Viva Las Vegas (May, 1964, MGM), no. 11 on the list of the top grossing movies of the year in the U.S., $38,606,833

Jailhouse Rock (October, 1957, MGM), no. 12, $32,272,038

Blue Hawaii (November, 1961, Paramount), no. 13, $36,553,229

G.I. Blues (August, 1960, Paramount), no. 15, $33,780,877

Loving You (July, 1957, Paramount), tied for no. 15, $30,617,062

Girls! Girls! Girls! (November, 1962, Paramount), no. 19, $27,659,406

Love Me Tender (November, 1956, Twentieth Century Fox), no. 20, $35,903,060

Girl Happy (1965, MGM), no. 25, $22,862,091

Kissin’ Cousins (1964, MGM), no. 26, $20,981,974

Roustabout (1964, Paramount), no. 28, $22,480,687

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