Reason # 62981 Elvis Presley remains King (by Jeff Schrembs)

*** This article was written by Jeffrey Schrembs as he undergoes medical care for a life threatening medical condition 2010 All Rights Reserved ***

They say “If a person dies and he has (5) five friends attend the funeral he was a good man”. Elvis had many more than that and tens of thousands of Fans in August of 1977 and beginning in 1982 hundreds of thousands of fans each year afterward.

In the Bible (I am going to paraphrase here) there are passages that state “to sing about the Lord is a good thing and that those who do will be rewarded in spirit and in other ways:. Well, in spite of Elvis’ hard rock beginning, his soulful comeback, his Concert Performances all SOLD OUT, and his overwhelming record sales Elvis NEVER received a Grammy (i.e. it is an award given to Singers, etc.) for anything other than his Gospel Songs/Albums.

It has been said that “If you name is remembered fondly a decade after your passing you surely did good things on Earth”. Elvis Presley continues to sell millions of records, his DVD’s purchased daily, his image highly sought after, and his name aggressively protected.

They say “a man should not be judged by his associates in public but by his associates in private”. I can attest that it would be a PRIVILEDGE to be friends with Marty Lacker, Billy Smith, Red West, Sonny West, Lamar Fike, Joe Esposito, or Jerry Schilling. These men LOVED Elvis and he loved them. They shared their lives together and to this day they mourn his loss, cherish their memories, share some stories, and remain silent on events thereby remaining respectful of their relationship with Elvis. I wish these men, and their families, nothing but happiness/success in all of their future personal/professional endeavors.

At the height of his career, during his SOLD OUT Concerts, he would stop the show to SHOWCASE Gospel Songs sung by others. Sadly, I have never seen this occur since Elvis did this back in the 1970’s or as I type these words here in 2010. Please listen to the audio of one such occurrence. Not only is it BEAUTIFUL but Elvis’ voice radiates emotion and respect before, during and after the song as was his “soulful” attachment to praising God and the talents of those whose voices “lift our spirits” and I am forever thankful to Elvis for supporting them and many other Gospel Acts throughout the decades. THIS is REASON # 62981 why Elvis Presley will remain King (of Rock and Roll, of Stage, of Live Appearances, of Entertainment, of Record Sales, of Sold Out Appearances, and of quality…pure and simple).

Thank you for reading this article and please share your thoughts with us and sending it to others. The more positive feedback we get the more we will share the insights of one of the greatest Elvis Presley Experts, Collectors, and Authors in the World…Mr. Jeff Schrembs.


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