Happy Veterans Day 2011 (by Jeff Schrembs)

Wishing Military Veterans, active Military, and their family members and loved ones a blessed Veterans Day 2011. Your service, and sacrifices, are appreciated and serving your Country is…honorable. Thank you for your service in our Military.

Here are some facts about Veterans Day.

* Veterans day was changed from Armistice Day (note: Armistice is a word meaning when two parties at war agree to cease fighting) effective June 1, 1954.

* Armistice Day originally was created to honor the Military Veterans of WW1 (note: 116,708 US Military were killed in WW1) on November 11, 1919 as Germany signed the armistice at the 11th hour (11am) on the 11th day of the 11th month (i.e. November 11).

* Approximately 300,000 US Military were killed during WW2.

* Approximately 58, 148 US Military were killed during the Vietnam War.

* Approximately 760 US Military were killed during the Gulf War Deployment.

* Approximately 4,400 US Military were killed during the Iraq War.

* Approximately 2, 2722 US Military were killed during the Afghanistan War.

* Arlington National Cemetary, located just outside Washington DC in Arlington Virginia, holds a memorial service each year on November 11th. Here is the direct Website Link to Arlington National Cemetary: http://www.arlingtoncemetery.mil/

* Veterans Day is one of the “major holidays”, which occurs on November 11th each calendar year, that is formally acknowledged by both the Federal and State Government.

* Between the years of 1971 and 1977 Veterans Day was honored/celebrated on the fourth Monday of October each calendar year.

Happy Veterans Day. Take care and may God bless you.

Jeff Schrembs


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