When it is a child’s birthday and a parent can’t participate

I have always believed that every child is gifted. That every child has talents. That every child has a reason for the gift they have been given…live. That every child is a blessing from God. Most of all when two people who love each other bring a child into the World all things are…possible.

I love, think of, pray for, miss, etc. everyone of my children every second of everyday. I also know that for a plethora of reasons Parents are unable to interact with their children on the childs birthday. Whether the reason is; Court Order, Geography, Prior Commitment, Incarceration, Emergency, unforseen issues, etc. the reality is that a childs birthday IS a special day indeed.

When a Parent is prohibited from seeing, speaking, being with, sending presents, or anything else (for whatever reason(s)) it is a painful burden on the child.

My heart goes out to every child, including my own, for the days that they suffer or even for a moment felt/believed that the absent Parent; didn’t care, was not thinking of them, didn’t love them, etc.

Anyone, adult or otherwise, who adds to a childs’ torment/suffering of not having their Parent there is…pathetic and they should be ashamed. The reality is that a lie, or a series of lies, can only exist until the moment the truth is revealed. Once the truth is revealed, and only then, can real understanding/healing begin.

For every child who is celebrating a birthday today, or any of the other 364 days of the year, and their Parent cannot be there just know that; today is a very special day and you are wished nothing but happiness/good health/joy/love/etc., it took both Parents to bring you into this World, you may not know the truth OR all of the reasons why the parent is unable to participate, and most of all that God willing things will change for the better and your parent (who was absent) will be a consistent and positive part of your life for years/decades to come.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may God bless you in every way now…and always.


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