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Elvis Aron Presley (yes, we do use his birth name out of respect for Gladys Presley who named him) would have been 74 on January 8, 2009. Sadly, Elvis passed away on August 16, 1977 leaving his Estate to his Father…Vernon Elvis Presley.

Vernon experienced a parent’s “worse nightmare” and that was to outlive…his son. Vernon had lost his wife, Gladys many years before, and also was there the day Elvis was born only to see Elvis’ twin (Jesse Garron) die at birth (i.e. stillborn).

Vernon Presley took the loss of his son…tremendously hard. It (literally) “aged him” and Vernon passed away not long afterward leaving Elvis’ entire Estate to Lisa Marie (Elvis only daughter).

Since Lisa Marie Presley was a minor the burden, responsibility, etc. fell onto the shoulders of Priscilla Presley who Elvis had divorced a few years before (i.e. October 9, 1973). Many people do not know that Elvis, and Priscilla, not only had an “amicable” divorce but that Elvis always loved her – they had a friendship – they spoke on the telephone often and for hours at a time – and Elvis and Priscilla had (previously and recently) held onto the “hope” that one day…things would be different and (perhaps) there was still…a chance for them…together.

Elvis was the highest paid Entertainer, most of his career, and toured from 1969 – 1977 (approximately) 200 days a year. Elvis never played to any audience…that was not SOLD OUT. This is “unheard of” then…and even more so now to think that in eight years the demand for Elvis remained at a fevered pitch.

Elvis never gave a Concert outside of the United States. Elvis never knew that Colonel Parker was NOT an American Citizen, nor was that his real name, and thus hid from Elvis his “concern” that he would be caught…and (in all probability) deported. Therefore Colonel Parker had a “selfish reason” to keep Elvis occupied here in the United States.

Elvis always believed that he would never “outlive” the age of his Mother. Elvis believed, always, that his Mother had died at age 42 but in reality she was 46 when she died. The combination of Elvis personal life, the constant traveling, the adverse affects on his health, the sensational book being issued entitled “Elvis, What Happened”, his dependence on prescribed medications, and his belief that he would never outlive his Mother…took it’s toll on him accumulating in his passing that August morning.

Throughout Elvis’ life he gave to many, many, many Charities. Including but not limited to Saint Jude, Pear Harbor, and (approximately) fifty (50) local charaties in Memphis. Additionally, Elvis gave alot of money and gifts to those he became aware of were in need. Elvis never forgot his humble upbringings and always looked out for others…while many times neglecting his own needs.

Over the next few years we look forward to issuing many more “stories”, and/or “details” about the life of the Worlds Greatest Entertainer…Elvis Aron Presley.

We hope that you enjoyed this “sample” and if so, and even if not, please let us know.

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Also, if you have any interesting stories about Elvis then please let us know as well.

God bless and take care.

Jeffrey Schrembs (Elvis Presley Expert Worldwide)

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