Welcome, Jeff Schrembs to WordPress!

Jeff Schrembs and ElvisCollectorWorldwide: Welcome to WordPress.com.

For those of you unfamiliar with Jeff Schrembs lets begin by stating that he is, was, and forever will be an Elvis Presley Fan. Jeff has been collecting “anything everything” relating (of quality only) to the life of Elvis Aron Presley.

Jeff Schrembs has owned one of the largest (private) Elvis Presley collections in the World. Jeff Schrembs is a recognized authority on Elvis Aron Presley and operates several Elvis Presley Fan Websites (nothing is every “sold” or “offered for sale” with the emphasis on being a “fan based factual website experience”).

Jeff Schrembs is a wonderful source for “all things Elvis” as well as being a “brutally honest” professional. Jeff Schrembs resides in the Washington DC area with his beautiful wife, who he states is an “Angel” from God, and minor children. Jeff Schrembs also has (proudly) adult children who he constantly thinks about, loves, prays for, and wishes only the best in live for.

Among Jeff Schrembs’ passions are: his family, his faith, special needs children, and other endeavors. Jeff Schrembs enjoys being active in the Elvis Presley Community.

Additionally, Jeff focuses on physical therapy (along with constant/ongoing medical care) due to a terrible automobile accident which severely damaged his spinal cord and has required several major spinal surgeries. With the ongoing love, and support, of his wife Jeff continues to face his medical condition – and the ever present pain and physical limitations – head on…and “one day at a time”.

Jeff Schrembs has, throughout the years, enjoyed many sports (basketball, football, etc.) and achieved the rank of 7th degree Black Belt as an adult. Additionally, Jeff Schrembs is a wonderful Artist who previously (after he completed High School) studied Art on a Collegiate Level.

One of Jeff’s favorite expressions is “never confuse effort…with results”. With that expression in mind we hope to offer many wonderful “results”, on www.wordpress.com,  in the near future.

Take care and God bless.


2 thoughts on “Welcome, Jeff Schrembs to WordPress!

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  1. We ARE the place to visit, know, communicate with when it comes to “all this Elvis”.
    We have been collecting Elvis Presley Memorabila since 1970. We are proud of the fact that we have one of, if not THE, LARGEST PRIVATE ELVIS PRESLEY COLLECTIONS IN THE WORLD.
    We have Elvis Presley (world reknowned) Expert, Mr. Jeff Schrembs providing us with insight that can only be found…here.
    Let’s do this.

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