Elvis Collectibles on Ebay by Jeff Schrembs

Elvis Aron Presley was, and will forever be, the GREATEST Entertainer who ever lived. Sadly, Elvis only lived until the age of 42 as he passed away on August 16, 1977. He left behind his only child, a daughter named, Lisa Marie Presley. Having lived during the vast majority of Elvis’ career, and having been a fan since the 60’s and a "professional collector" since the 70’s, I have a "unique perspective" on Elvis – his career – and how he affected MILLIONS here in the United States…and Worldwide.
This "blog" is about Elvis Collectibles on EBay however. EBay is a GREAT "idea" and marketplace for just about anything. However, unbeknownest to most people, there is a "dirty little secret" about those (some but not all) who make their living selling items about Elvis on EBay. I have witnessed this…firsthand and experienced it…firsthand.
The "dirty little secret" is that there are a LOT of "stealth buyers", who buy Elvis items and then turn those items over to their "partners" (i.e. Sellers), as well as a lot of Sellers/Buyers who are in "quasi-business" in order to (a) eliminate the competition (b) manipulate a Seller/Buyer "feedback" and (c) "own" the marketplace. Not only is this WRONG but it adversely affects many legitimate Elvis Collectors (buyers/sellers).
Over the next few "blogs" I will elaborate further. During the interim my advice is to (1) always go to www.Elvis.com (Elvis Estate) first (2) use your communication skills and do NOT allow "bullying/threats/etc." by unsavory individuals on EBay (should you encounter them) and (3) do your homework – ask questions – and document everything in WRITING.
Never forget "an ounce of prevention…is worth a pound of cure". It may be an "old school saying" but it still applies in today’s "modern" World and even on EBay.
Take care.

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